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Regional Employment Lands Action Plan

Long term economic sustainability and resilience is one of the key themes of the Regional Growth Strategy (RGS), which was adopted on September 21, 2011, and the Regional Employment Lands Action Plan was selected by the Board of Directors as a priority RGS implementation action for 2014/2015.

The Plan is now complete:

Partnership in Action:

Over the last four years, the City of Vernon and Regional District of North Okanagan have partnered on a variety of employment land initiatives including the Industrial Land Memorandum of Understanding and the Regional Employment Lands Inventory project.   Through that work, it was recognized that there is a growing concern with the supply of suitable land for industrial and commercial growth within the North Okanagan.
This partnership has continued with the launch of the Regional Employment Lands Action Plan process that identified short, medium and long-term solutions, options and opportunities to provide guidance on how to increase the North Okanagan’s supply of market-ready employment land.

What are we doing?

The Regional District and City of Vernon in collaboration with the seven other North Okanagan Communities developed an Employment Lands Action Plan to ensure that employment lands are available and used to their full potential for the community’s benefit, and to help meet the local and regional economic development objectives.

The Plan was developed by a project team consisting of Urban Systems, Regional District and City staff, supported by a broad and diverse technical advisory group and overseen by a steering committee that includes Electoral Area and municipal elected representatives. Both the Splatsin and Okanagan Indian Band participated within the development of this Action Plan.
Phase I of the Action Plan included a review of past employment lands inventories, economic development initiatives, infrastructure and community planning documents, interviews with key stakeholders and the preparation of potential opportunities and a list of employment land criteria for discussion by the technical committee.
The Regional Employment Lands Action Plan, provides direction for the short, medium and long term. Plan recommendations will help strengthen, diversify and enhance the regional economy. Through the Plan’s collaborative process, action items have been identified for municipalities and the Regional District to take on together as well as work on individually. The plan can also support and guide the updating of regional and local plans and programs.

What are Employment Lands?

Employment lands refers to privately and publicly owned properties that support institutional, industrial, commercial and other land uses that employ people in a variety of jobs and a diversity of sectors.

What’s The Timeline?

Project was initiated in July 2014, and the Plan was supported in principle by the Board of Directors on May 18, 2016.