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Shuswap River Motorized Vessel Management Mediation Process

Shuswap River Flyover

Advisory Committee Meetings

March 16-17, 2017

March 27, 2017

April 7, 2017

April 26, 2017 (lower river)

April 27, 2017 (upper river)

May 17, 2017 (upper river)

May 18, 2017 (lower river)

June 7, 2017 (lower river)

June 8, 2017 (upper river)

June 20, 2017 (lower river)


In June 2016, the Shuswap River Boating Regulations, Public Consultation Survey Analysis report was received from Urban Systems.  Based on the feedback received and analysis of the survey results, it was clear there are polarized views on the proposed boating regulations.  Given the lack of consensus; the Board of Directors passed the following motion “That a consultant be retained to work with the community and local groups, including First Nations, to review options for the entire Shuswap River to foster greater consensus with regard to proposed Shuswap River Vessel Operating Restriction Regulations.”

A Request for Proposals was issued on September 8, 2016 for a second phase of public consultation and to build a community consensus.  The RDNO completed an evaluation of the proposals received and are pleased to have Alex Grzybowski of Pacific Resolutions on board to work with the community to build consensus on use of the river.


Policy Statement

The following Policy Statement regarding the Shuswap River Motorized Vessel Management Mediation Process was adopted by the Board of Directors at the Regular Meeting held March 22, 2017:

The Board of the Regional District of North Okanagan is:

  1. Desirous to reduce risk to public safety and the environment through increased management of motorized vessels on the river. This may or may not include making recommendations to Transport Canada.
  2. Open to a range of options including, but not limited to those identified in the Shuswap River Watershed Sustainability Plan.
  3. Committed to follow the consensus advice from a public advisory group that represents the range of stakeholders and perspectives subject to:

a. Reasonable cost implications of the recommendations;
b. Effective representation of the full spectrum of public interests;
c. Opportunities for broad public input have been provided;
d. First Nations have been consulted or directly involved.


The Board Chair, Bob Fleming, addressed a letter dated March 23, 2017 to the Stakeholder Committee regarding the Policy Statement.

A report was provided to the Board of Directors regarding the Policy Statement at the March 22, 2017 Regular Meeting.

David Sewell, the Chief Administrative Officer addressed a letter dated June 12, 2017 to the Lower Shuswap River Advisory Committee regarding Timeline and Next Steps.


Both the Upper and Lower River Advisory groups presented their consensus and individual recommendations to the Board of Directors at the Committee of the Whole meeting held July 19, 2017.  The agenda along with a copy of the presentations can be viewed here.



Shuswap River Flyover

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