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Development & Applications

Considering Development?

If you are contemplating new development or re-development of an existing property, it is important to check the Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw for your area.  Depending on the nature of your proposal there may be different approval processes that apply. Please contact the planning department to determine if your project requires approval prior to submitting an application.

Development Permits: The purpose of a Development Permit Area is to require specific regulations on development for the: Protection of the Natural Environment; Protection from Hazardous Conditions and Control of Form & Character.  A Development Permit is a permit approved by the Regional District that sets forth conditions under which residential, multi-family residential, commercial, industrial or institutional developments may take place.

Development Variance Permit: A Development Variance Permit (DVP) is required when a property owner wishes to amend certain land use bylaw regulations applicable to the subject property.  A DVP is a permit approved by the Regional District.

Official Community Plan Amendment: An Official Community Plan amendment application is required when the proposed development is not consistent with the existing OCP land use designation of the property.

Zoning Amendment:  A zoning amendment application is required when the proposed development is not consistent with the uses allowed within the current zoning of the property.

Silver Star Specific Development Guidelines:

Subdivision Process: A subdivision involves the following; consolidating two or more properties into one lot; adjusting or realigning an existing property line; creating several lots from one or more existing properties and or creating several strata lots from one or more existing properties.

Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR): The Provincial Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) is an independent Crown agency dedicated to protecting the scarce supply of agricultural land that is important to the current and future needs of British Columbia.  Properties within the ALR are subject to the rules and regulations of the Agricultural Land Commission Act.  Visit for more information.  To confirm whether your property is in the ALR please contact us.

Developing Near Watercourses?  If you are proposing to carry out any works within 30 m of any watercourse (lakes, creeks, wetlands, ponds, springs and ravines) the Provincial Riparian Areas Regulations may apply.  Click Here for more information

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