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Tips for Sustainable Living


There are many opportunities to integrate sustainability into our lives that do not negatively impact the nature of our lifestyles. In fact sustainable living is said to be,

“Living better – not living without”

The following documents provide tips on actions you can take to live in a more sustainable manner.

Climate Action

Climate action involves taking action to reduce activities that contribute to global climate change, primarily through reducing greenhouse gas emissions.   The use of fossil fuels for transportation and home heating and cooling is one the primary ways that we all contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.   Creating more energy efficient homes and changing how we get around are key ways that we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.   The documents above include tips that will result in a reduction in the fossil fuel you use.

Climate Action Revenue Incentive Plan (CARIP) reimburses the carbon tax for local governments who have signed the B.C. Climate Action Charter. These municipalities and regional districts annually measure the carbon footprint of their corporate operations and publish information about their corporate and community-wide sustainability actions each year through CAIP Reports. 

Local governments can achieve carbon neutrality by measuring and reducing emissions, by purchasing carbon offsets to compensate for their greenhouse gas emissions or by developing projects to offset emissions.