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Dog Control

Greater Vernon Dog Parks

Dog parks in Greater Vernon include BX Ranch Park, Forest Tree Plantation, Heritage Natural Area, Mutrie Road Park, DND Grounds, Creekside Park, Mission Hill Park, Pioneer Park, Stenquist Park, Coldstream Valley Estates, Marshall Fields Park, Becker Park, and parts of the Grey Canal Trail.

The Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) Dog Control Bylaw No. 2466 provides dog control in the service area, which includes the City of Vernon, District of Coldstream, Village of Lumby, Electoral Areas “B” and “C” and part of Electoral Area “D”.  The bylaw is intended to help improve dog owner responsibility and accountability.  Responsible dog owners make sure their pets are properly cared for, well-socialized, trained and do not pose a threat to humans or other animals.

The BC Commissionaires is contracted by the Regional District to provide dog control services, within the service area, response to dog-related complaints and operation of the pound facility located on Haney Road. They also catch lost dogs and reunite them with their owners.

For dog control services, call the BC Commissionaires at 250-545-8070 or email [email protected].

Dog Licensing:
Some of the benefits of dog licensing include:

  • Helps to reunite lost dogs with their families: A dog tag makes it easier for Dog Control or concerned residents to reunite a lost dog with its owner.
  • Cost effective: In addition to an impounding fee, dog owners are charged a daily boarding fee for each day their dog stays at the pound. If your dog is wearing a licence tag, you will be contacted immediately and can prevent boarding fees from adding up.
  • Provides services to our community: Dog licensing fees are used to offset the costs of providing dog control services in our community.

Who must purchase a dog licence?

The owner of any dog that is at least six (6) months old and has resided in the service area for thirty (30) days or more.

Where can I purchase a dog licence?

We've launched a new dog licensing system with DocuPet. Purchase a licence online at

For dog control services, please contact the Commissionaires at 250-545-8070.

Questions? Email us at [email protected] or visit our Contact Us page for all other inquiries. 

Dog Control Services Outside of the RDNO Service Area

  • The City of Enderby contracts with the BC Commissionaires for dog control services within Enderby and the specified area of Area F.  Please call 250-838-0233 or email [email protected] for further information.  Dog licences may be purchased at Enderby City Hall. - please visit
  • Township of Spallumcheen Dog Control Bylaw - please visit