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Open Burning - Class B Open Burning

Open Burning Season October 31 - April 30

Open Burning Checklist

1. Confirm your eligibility: Residents with properties located within the BX/Swan Lake and Silver Star Fire Protection Areas are eligible to apply for a permit. If you are unsure whether your property falls within these Fire Protection Areas, please check this map or list of addresses.

2. a) Use the Online Burning Permit Application

b) or, Download and print the Open Burning Permit Application

c) or, visit the RDNO Office at 9848 Aberdeen Road, Coldstream to obtain an Application

3. Complete, sign and return the Burning Permit Application:

  • In Person: RDNO Office at 9848 Aberdeen Road, Coldstream
  • By E-mail: [email protected]
  • By Fax: 250-550-3701

IMPORTANT: If applying via e-mail or fax, please allow 2 business days for processing. BE SURE TO SPECIFY a return e-mail address or fax number.

4. Upon receipt of your valid permit, you may burn on days when the Venting Index is 55 or better (Good). Prior to burning obtain Venting Index Information at:

  • Provincial toll-free line: 1-888-281-2992 (press 3 for Thompson-Okanagan)
  • On- line: (see Official Text Forecasts:  OKANAGAN)
  • RDNO: 250-550-3700 (Mon.-Fri.8:00 a. m. – 4:30 p.m.) except holidays
  1. No person shall light, ignite or start, or allow, or cause to be lighted, ignited, or started a Class ‘B’ Open Burning fire without first obtaining a written Class ‘B’ Open Burning Permit.
  2. Shall only be permitted during the burn season, October 31 - April 30
  3. Shall be setback a minimum of 10 meters of any building, structure, fence, tree or hedge.
  4. Shall not burn continuously for more than twelve (12) hours.
  5. the open burning is on land of 1.0 hectare (2.5 acres) or greater in size;
  6. the person responsible has verified that the Ventilation Index is in the “good” range on the day of the proposed burn. Follow the link to Environment Canada’s website and refer to Smoke control forecast for British Columbia and Yukon, under Southern Interior, Okanagan. You may also check by phoning the Regional District office during regular office hours of by phoning the toll free information line provided by the Ministry of Environment - 1-888-281-2992 (press 3 for Thompson-Okanagan);
  7. the material to be open burned is located on the parcel of land from which it originated;
  8. there are no prohibited materials included with the materials to be burned;
  9. every reasonable alternative for reducing, reusing, or recycling has been pursued to minimize the amount of permitted burning materials to be open burned;
  10. an open fire restriction order issued by the agency responsible for Forest Service in British Columbia is not in effect;
  11. no additional materials are added to the open air fire after 5:00 pm of each day of the fire; and
  12. the open air fire is continuously controlled and supervised by a competent person until such fire is completely extinguished before the person leaves the area. The competent person shall ensure that sufficient material, water, equipment and labour are present on site to effectively maintain control over the fire and prevent the same from spreading, causing damage or becoming dangerous to life or to other property or becoming a nuisance.