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Greater Vernon Cultural Plan Implementation

Greater Vernon Cultural Plan Implementation Advisory Team

One of the first directives of the Greater Vernon Cultural Plan, 2016, was to develop a working and advisory group to the Greater Vernon Advisory Committee, hereon in referred to as the Greater Vernon Cultural Plan Implementation Advisory Team (IAT), who would be responsible for implementing the community component of the Plan’s strategies and providing recommendations on implementation to the Greater Vernon Advisory Committee.

The terms of reference for the Implementation Advisory Team were endorsed by the Board of Directors at their meeting on April 18, 2016.

Terms of Reference – Greater Vernon Cultural Plan Implementation Advisory Team

Greater Vernon Cultural Centre

The process of developing the Greater Vernon Cultural Plan, 2016, included a review of the existing cultural facilities in Greater Vernon. The review was conducted by the Canadian Conservation Institute, a special operating agency within the Department of Canadian Heritage, and it found that both the museum and the art gallery had deficiencies that affected their ability to protect and exhibit the public collections for which they care.

As a result of this finding, and strong interest in a new cultural centre, that was indicated through the public consultation for the Cultural Plan, a concept was developed for a new, multi-purpose cultural centre that would address the needs of the museum and gallery to adequately protect and exhibit their collections and archives, while also seeking to provide a broader service to the community through: multi-purpose workshop and meeting space and a smaller performance venue that would accommodate lecture series and educational speakers. This performance space will also aim to provide a downtown presentation space, helping to activate the city and complimenting the City of Vernon's downtown revitalization efforts.

Once the plan was completed, Greater Vernon voters were given the opportunity to participate in a borrowing referendum that would provide the authority for the Regional District to borrow up to $25 million to help fund a portion of the $40 million project.

On October 20, 2018, Greater Vernon voters approved the borrowing referendum, and the Regional District and community advocates are now moving on to secure the remainder of the funds required through grants, donations and fundraising. 


Visit the Greater Vernon Cultural Centre project page for an update on this exciting project.


Greater Vernon Cultural Events

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