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Pat Duke Memorial Arena Hockeyville Upgrade Project

In April of 2016, Lumby was awarded $100,000 through the Kraft Hockeyville contest to make upgrades to the Pat Duke Arena, focusing on the addition of a female change room.

It took a real feat of community commitment to achieve the number of votes that was required to win, and the community spirit is still palpable in the community.

Since the win there has been additional fundraising and grants received, and in March 2017 the Regional District committed $35,000 toward the project.

The timeline below shows the planned timeline for the next steps of the project.

Pat Duke Memorial Arena Hockeyville Upgrade Project


Survey on Draft Concepts

As outlined in the timeline, above, in May 2017 Carscadden Stokes McDonald Architects Inc. was hired to work with the community to develop three concepts, based on different budgets, to improve the Pat Duke Arena focusing on the provision of an adequate number of change rooms to be able to accommodate female players during mixed-league play.

The process has included a steering team workshop held on May 4th, from which three draft concepts were presented at an open house on May 18, 2017. Feedback from the open house has resulted in the three draft concepts, shown below.


Concept option 1 (a and b) was to include improvements that could be done with (roughly) our current budget of $170,000 ($100,000 from Hockeyville).


Concept option 2 was to provide more optimal improvements, while still focusing on additional change rooms.


Concept option 3 was to provide an enhanced option, if we were to be able to access some significant additional funding through grants.