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Agricultural Water Connect (AgConnect)

Ag e-Alerts
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Be the 1st to know when main breaks affect supply, if drought is forecast and get reminders for turn on / off dates.

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The e-Alert program is offered in partnership with other Okanagan utilities, supported by the Okanagan Basin Water Board. Questions? Call 250-550-3684.


AgConnect provides Greater Vernon Water (GVW) agricultural customers with information on their allocation and monthly water use.

  • AgConnect Log In - by clicking this link you confirm you have read and accept the terms of use.
  • Click here to view the Agricultural Water Connect Terms of Use

Log in by entering your confidential User ID, which is provided in your annual start of season letter from GVW. If you no longer have it please call 250-550-3700 and staff can provide you with your AgConnect User ID.

AgConnect provides access to your agricultural water use information for past and current years. GVW has invested in an automatic remote reading system which will be fully installed by the end of 2020, with the goal of increasing the frequency of meter reading updates on AgConnect.

Agricultural Resources

Winterizing Basics: remove meters and back flow devices and store in heated space. Stand pipe and device valves should be left 1/4 open.  Click here for more detailed recommendations for winterizing your meter and backflow preventer.

Allocation Questions?  Click here for Greater Vernon Water’s Allocation Guide, an overview of what allocation is with examples of how to convert your allocation hectares to cubic meters of water (so you can compare your meter readings) and flow rates.

Looking for advice on how to work with nature instead of against it? The Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship Society helps farmers recognize the value of wildlife habitat on their property, which can help with pollination, pest management (owls and snakes are great for this!) and more. Visit "Farming with Wildlife" at has useful information including weather forecasts, manure spreading advisories, Pest Degree Days tool, and irrigation guides.  This site also hosts the Agriculture Irrigation Scheduling Calculator, which creates custom irrigation schedules using real-time weather forecasts.

Visit the Irrigation Association of BC (IIABC) website for access to their irrigation resources and searchable list of certified irrigation professionals.

The BC Ministry of Agriculture website has many resources on irrigation, nutrient management and drainage.  Several fact sheets are available including:

Provincial Ministry of Agriculture AgriService – free service to respond to agricultural questions on irrigation and other farm activities:
Telephone: 1 888 221-7141
E-mail: [email protected]

The Environmental Farm Plan program offers financial incentives based on efforts to better manage irrigation, waste, and drainage among other activities.  The Environmental Farm Plan program is confidential, voluntary & no-charge.  It is sponsored by the B.C. Agriculture Council and ARDcorp - call toll-free at 1-866-522-3447 to get started.