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Water Main Flushing

Greater Vernon Water operates a Water Main Flushing Program in partnership with the City of Vernon and District of Coldstream. Municipal crews are scheduled to perform annual water main flushing in the following locations:

CITY OF VERNON - Week of October 18

  • 27 Street to Pleasant Valley Road south of 39 Avenue - map


  • Buchanan Road from Ricardo to Cypress
  • Binns Road
  • Ravine Drive
  • Ranchland Place
  • Hawthorne Place
  • Cypress Drive
  • Upland Heights
  • Rockland Drive
  • Upland Place
  • Scenic Place
  • Ridgemont Drive

Water main flushing is necessary maintenance to protect water quality. Flushing moves water at high flow rates through the pipes and drains at fire hydrants or other access points. Flushing has been limited this year due to the drought, but the program is now continuing, to maintain good water quality. Water is dechlorinated and returned to the environment by draining into storm drains and/or ditches which then goes into local streams.

Flushing signs will be posted in your area when crews are working. Please be considerate of crews and drive carefully in work areas.

When crews are flushing in your area you may notice a reduction in water pressure, additional sediment, or discoloration of the water.  During this time, you may choose to boil or not drink the water. Checking your water before doing laundry is strongly advised.

Flushing removes accumulated sand and silt from the water mains and is a required maintenance process used to improve water quality for public health.  If you have any questions about flushing or your water quality, please contact Greater Vernon Water at 250-550-3700.