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Cross-Connection Control Program

The Regional District of North Okanagan - Greater Vernon Water (RDNO-GVW) is committed to providing safe and clean drinking water at the system intake. However, we can't always protect water from backflow or cross connection contamination after it has entered the distribution system. To ensure water remains clean and uncontaminated right to your tap, we have implemented a Cross Connection Control Program.

What is a Cross Connection?

A cross connection is a connection between the drinking water system and any source of contamination. Cross connections can be eliminated or controlled by installing equipment like a mechanical backflow preventer that can stop contaminants from flowing backward within a piping system and into the potable water system.

What is the Cross Connection Control bylaw?

The Cross Connection Control bylaw helps protect Greater Vernon’s drinking water from contamination through cross connections due to backflow. The bylaw, which is required by provincial legislation, calls on water suppliers to establish regulations to identify, eliminate and prevent actual and potential cross connections with non-potable sources.

Why does RDNO-GVW need a Cross Connection Control Program?

A Cross Connection Control Program is a requirement specified by the Interior Health Authority (IHA) as a condition of the Water Utility’s Permit to Operate. It also helps RDNO-GVW meet the requirements of the BC Drinking Water Protection Act and Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines.

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