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Master Water Plan

Greater Vernon Water 2017 Master Water Plan

A Master Water Plan (MWP) is a planning tool to guide water utility improvements and infrastructure renewal decisions to ensure investments are completed in an organized and cost effective manner.  The Greater Vernon Water (GVW) 2017 MWP provides a detailed assessment of the current status of the GVW water system and provides direction to ensure compliance with Provincial standards to safeguard health and to meet future water needs based on predicted growth for the next 40 years.

The GVW MWP is a project completed in partnership between the Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO), City of Vernon, and the District of Coldstream.  The 2017 MWP incorporates the technical work completed for the 2012 MWP and updates the long term supply and treatment direction and the financing strategy based on recommendations from the Stakeholder Advisory Committee (2015-2016), results of recent studies completed, Provincial policy changes and other relevant information. 

The GVW 2017 MWP has been endorsed by the RDNO Board of Director’s (BOD) at their regular meeting held on November 15, 2017 and has been submitted to Interior Health for approval.

The following link provides the full Greater Vernon Water 2017 Master Water Plan report in pdf:

Greater Vernon Water 2017 Master Water Plan (42.7 MB)

The following links provide each section of the Greater Vernon Water 2017 Master Water Plan separately for easy navigation:

Technical Memorandum Summaries

The following references were used in the creation of the 2017 MWP:


To facilitate the formation of GVW in 2003 and to guide infrastructure improvements required to meet legislative requirements for drinking water, the GVW 2002 Master Water Plan (MWP) was developed.  This MWP was updated in 2004 to accommodate changes in the legislative environment and utility conditions.  GVW continued to operate under the 2002/04 MWP until the RDNO updated the MWP in 2011/2012 (The 2012 MWP was comprised of the same TM’s listed under the 2017 MWP).   

During the creation of the 2012 MWP, GVW retained experienced engineers from three (3) different consulting companies in consultation with a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).  The TAC was comprised of Chief Administrative Officers, engineers and water technologists from the RDNO, City of Vernon, District of Coldstream, as well as representatives from the agricultural community, and Interior Health.  In 2014, a referendum was held to borrow up to $70 million to complete six (6) priority projects identified in the 2012 Master Water Plan (2012 MWP).  The referendum failed and the RDNO Board of Director’s (BOD) created a Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) to receive input from a stakeholder and community perspective as to the adequacy and completeness of the 2012 MWP.

From the fall of 2015 to spring of 2016, the SAC met monthly to complete an in-depth review of the 2012 MWP and provided a number of recommendations to the Greater Vernon Advisory Committee (GVAC) and the BOD.  These recommendations, provided in the link to the SAC report below, were used to move forward with the master water planning process for GVW resulting in the 2017 MWP.


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