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Water Meter Improvement Program

The Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) - Greater Vernon Water (GVW) is beginning a multi-year water meter and meter reading improvement program.  The program entails replacing the current “touch pad” manual meter reading technology with Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technology and where applicable, replacing old meters.

The Water Meter Improvement Program will:

  • Improve meter reading accuracy;
  • Improve customer service;
  • Reduce operational costs;
  • Replace ageing meters which are nearing the end of their serviceable life; and
  • Reduce the need for staff to enter properties and businesses to obtain meter reads.

AMR uses wireless radio frequency technology to collect meter reading data remotely using low frequency radio waves and these radio waves are generated by a battery powered device called an Encoder-Receiver-Transmitter (ERT).  All GVW water meters will be retrofitted with an ERT, which is typically mounted to the outside of buildings.  For most customers, ERTs will be installed by replacing the touchpad they currently have using the same wires.  Some customers will have older meters that will also need to be replaced as they cannot be converted for use with AMR technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Why is the Water Meter Improvement Program being initiated?

2. What will it cost?

3. What is Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technology?

4. How are the current meters read?

5. What frequency is used by the ERTs?

6. How are the ERTs installed and do I need to do anything?

7. Does someone need to be home for the installation of the ERT?

8. What happens if my meter needs to be replaced?

9. Who will be doing the ERT installations and/or meter replacements? How do I know who is authorized to do the work?

10. What if I am a tenant and do not own this property?

11. What if my property is a rental?

12. Will my water service be interrupted during the installation?

13. How do I know that you have my reading and not someone else’s?

14. What about privacy?

15. Is the new AMR system safe?

16. Will I be able to read my own meter?

17. What happens to the old meter?

18. Can I decline having the touchpad or water meter replaced?

19. How big is the ERT and how is it attached to my home?

20. I am re-siding my home, how do I ensure the ERT is working correctly?

21. How is the ERT powered?

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