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Water Billing

Greater Vernon Water (GVW) is a regional water utility owned and operated by the RDNO. The utility provides safe and reliable drinking water to customers in Vernon, Coldstream, and adjacent rural areas. The RDNO contracts out some services to the City of Vernon and the District of Coldstream to achieve efficiencies, such as billing and operations, which is why your water bill comes from your municipality.

Please contact the municipality that issued your bill if you have questions about the specific charges on your bill.

  • City of Vernon                         250-545-1361
  • District of Coldstream             250-545-5304
  • RDNO - Electoral Areas         250-550-3700

Water rates are set by the RDNO Board of Directors, which includes political representatives from the municipalities it serves. Rates are based on the actual cost to provide water.  GVW does not receive any taxation money and the only outside source of income are grant funds that the utility seeks out to assist in reducing costs to customers. The current rates bylaw can be found here:

As a regional utility, GVW legally cannot run a deficit and each year’s annual expenses, including operation & maintenance, debt payments, construction and reserve contributions, must be recovered directly from user fees during that year or be funded from reserves. 

All customers pay an Infrastructure Base Fee.  The purpose of this fee is to cover approximately half the costs of the water system, ensuring a stable source of funds that won’t fluctuate based on water consumption. In a rainy year, water use may drop significantly but the majority of the cost to provide water on demand 24/7 to a property does not depend on the volume of water used.

A consumption charge per cubic metre of water used (in addition to the Infrastructure Base Fee) is levied to encourage efficient water use. This fee doesn’t reflect the actual cost to produce a cubic meter of water, but instead involves tiered fees that increase as the volume of water used increases.

Tier Volume Rate (effective January 1, 2021)
1 0-40 cubic metres per quarter $0.91/cubic metre
2 Over 40-80 cubic metres per quarter $1.82/cubic metre
3 Over 80 cubic metres per quarter $2.74/cubic metre
3a Non Domestic and Mixed Use only - Over 1,000 cubic metres $1.82/cubic metre

A Water Meter Renewal Fee was created to equitably fund water meter replacement costs and ensure transparent accounting.  GVW has begun a multi-year asset management program to better manage the costs associated with maintenance, repair, and replacement of infrastructure such as meters.  The Infrastructure Base Fee was reduced to offset the introduction of this fee to customers.

Water Meter Renewal Fee—based on meter size

Quarterly Fee (effective January 1, 2021)

26mm or less (1" and less) $7.62
27mm - 55mm (1 1/2" - 2") $38.11
56mm - 80mm (2 1/2" - 3") $76.22
81mm - 110mm (3 1/2" - 4") $109.00
111mm - 160mm (4 1/2" - 6") $218.00
Larger than 160mm (larger than 6") $327.00

An unmetered fee (where metering is NOT possible) of $260.00 per quarter is added to the Infrastructure Base Fee.  Where metering IS possible, a flat rate per quarter is added to the Infrastructure Base Fee as follows:

  • Initial and first full quarter after written warning $330.00
  • Second and third quarters $550.00
  • Fourth quarter $1,000.00
  • After one year and beyond $2,000.00/quarter

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Please direct inquiries to:
Phone: 250-550-3700
Fax: 250-550-3701
E-mail:  [email protected]