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Water Conservation


Looking for advice on upgrading your yard to be more waterwise? Book a free Waterwise Yard Check-Up. We will walk you through using your irrigation controller and help in setting the sprinklers to run when your plants need the water. Call our Water Ambassador at 250-550-3798 to book your Check-Up.

Outdoor Water Saving Tips & Tools


Learn more ways to use water efficiently by visiting and do a Performance Review on your water.

Greater Vernon Water has developed Water Use Restrictions to help residents use water more efficiently.  Stage 1 Restrictions are in effect year-round, meaning that outdoor lawn and garden watering is only allowed between 7pm and 10am, unless hand watering with a watering can or hose with an automatic spring-loaded shut-off nozzle.  Higher restriction stages may be implemented in times of drought or supply loss due to contamination of our water supply. 

Saving Water Indoors

Not all leaks leave a puddle on the floor. The sneaky leaks manage to drain away without ever leaving a sign.  Get familiar with your water meter - it can help you detect leaks indoors and outside . Check out the link below, “How to Read your Water Meter,” to learn how to find the Low Flow Indicator.  If your water bill goes up suddenly or if your winter quarterly use is higher than 100 cubic meters for a family of four, be sure to check for these common culprits:

  • Leaking toilets are the most widespread leak. This sometimes happens when the reservoir level is too high. The water leaks into the overflow tube, and into the toilet bowl. You may be able to fix this by adjusting the float arm screw, or bending the float arm down. Also when the flapper valves get old and brittle or the flapper valve is not filling the hole properly a toilet will leak. To diagnose this problem, pour two or three drops of food colouring into the tank. If you notice the dye in the bowl 15 minutes later, you have a leak. A new flapper valve may be required.
  • Automatic water purifiers, reverse osmosis devices, or water softeners can also develop leaks that do not show up on the floor. Each of these devices should have their own shut off valve. If your snoop indicator is turning, turn off each of the suspected appliances one by one. If the snoop indicator stops when one of the isolation valves is off, you've found your leak.

Indoor Water Saving Tips & Tools:


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