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To report restrictions violations, contact [email protected] or call 250-550-3700.

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Yes, you can have a gorgeous yard and follow the restrictions! Most lawns only need to be watered once a week.

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Stage 1 Water Restrictions are Now in Effect

Customers should note the following:

  • A higher level of restrictions may be instituted due to drought or emergency
Manual Sprinklers

Up to 3 days a week                                                                             

Between 6am - 10am

and 7pm - 12am

Automated Sprinklers

Up to 3 days a week

Between 12am - 6am

Micro-Jet / Drip Irrigation

Any day

Between 7pm - 10 am

Odd Address: Tue | Thu | Sat

Even Address: Wed | Fri | Sun


Use a watering can or hose with spring-loaded nozzle


Between 7pm - 10 am

Odd Address: Tue | Thu | Sat

Even Address: Wed | Fri | Sun

New Lawns & Landscaping

Permit required - contact the RDNO


Avoid seeding between May 31 and September 1

Pools, Ponds & Water Features Fill and refill on days / times permitted by Stage 1 schedule for sprinklers
Driveways, Decks & Outdoors Use a broom, blower, mop and bucket, or hose with spring-loaded nozzle for cleaning
Vehicles, Boats & ATVs Use a bucket, or visit a waterwise commercial car wash. Also check for & remove any invasive plants or animals

Reservoir levels are used as one factor in determining restriction stage, along with weather forecasts and customer demand levels.

Greater Vernon Water has water use restrictions in place to help minimize water demand spikes – helping to protect our infrastructure from wear – but also to deal with the effects of drought.

Details on the restrictions can be found below along with the Water Shortage Management Plan that is used to guide decisions to implement higher restriction stages:

The Drought Stakeholder Working Group has put in many hours of work and has provided valuable input on the impact of drought on our community. Group members represented a range of community volunteers including businesses in the hospitality, manufacturing, and landscaping sectors, agricultural producers, government agencies, and resident representatives.  A community survey and Open House was held in 2012 for residents to ask questions and provide comments in advance of the new restriction stages being incorporated into bylaw.  The Terms of Reference for participation in this group can be viewed by clicking here.

These restrictions are a tool to help customers be waterwise.  Most lawns only need 2.5 cm (1 inch) of water per week, which can be measured by putting a pie plate under your sprinkler.  Running a sprinkler for a maximum of 20 minutes in any one spot is a good rule of thumb to give water time to absorb into the soil, so if you still need more watering time to give your plants a full inch in the pie plate plan to water twice a week.   Visit the Water Conservation page for more tips on waterwise gardening and indoor water efficiency.


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