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News: Billing delayed to provide financial relief amidst global pandemic. Whitevale Water will be delayed by 30 days for each of the next two quarterly billing periods. This means that the date the bills are issued will change from early May to early June. And, the next billing period will also change from issuance in early July to early August.

How to Pay your Utility Bill

The Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) manages the Whitevale Community Water Utility in Electoral Area “D”.

The Whitevale Community Water System serves approximately 90 customers in Whitevale, a residential community in Electoral Area "D". Water is supplied from a well inside the community. 

Whitevale Water Utility Meetings



Please direct enquiries to:

Regional District of North Okanagan
Phone:  250-550-3700
Fax:      250-550-3701
Email: [email protected]