Flooding protection and sandbagging

It is the homeowner's responsibility to protect their home and property in the event of flooding. During flooding events, the RDNO may have sand and sandbags available for free at specified locations for residents to use. You can call the RDNO main office (250-550-3700) to confirm the availability of sand and bags in your area.

On average, it takes two people about 1 hour to fill and place 100 sandbags, which is enough for a wall one foot high and twenty feet long. Please note, firefighters will not be available to fill or place sandbags for you. Make sure you have enough sand, sandbags, shovels, and time to prepare properly. If you require assistance filling and placing sandbags, please contact your neighbours, family and friends. Please observe safe work practices to avoid the risk of injury or accident.

How to build a sandbag dike

DYI Sandbag Filling tool