Fire Smart

The Fire Smart Program introduces various methods of protecting your home and property from a wildfire through fire smart practices.


The general principal of FireSmart is to reduce the amount and continuity of combustible fuels close to buildings (flammable trees and shrubs, wild grass land , bark mulch and winter wood storage used for heating). This starts with cleaning out gutters, removing dead leaves and pine needles, watering and mowing grass close to houses.  Choosing non-combustible or fire resistive building materials is another great start in this process. Landscaping is just as important. Plants which are rich in oils, such as junipers and cedar trees, are great ground covers and create visual separation, but are very combustible. Deciduous trees, shrubs and fleshy succulents will not burn as easily and maintain a moist environment. The high humidity is beneficial to push fire away and reduce the risk of burning. 


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