Greater Vernon Water - Duteau Source

Alert level

Greater Vernon Water (GVW) is starting work on a large infrastructure project. Throughout construction, UV treatment on the Duteau Creek source may be intermittently affected, and GVW has to maintain a lower level of water flow to complete the project. Therefore, GVW is issuing three notices:

  1. Customers usually supplied by the Duteau Creek Water Treatment plant are on a precautionary Water Quality Advisory from September 16, 2022, to January 31, 2023. GVW made this decision in conjunction with Interior Health.
  2. In order to decrease demand on the Duteau system, GVW is also delivering water from the Kalamalka Lake water source to some customers that usually receive water from Duteau Creek, so customers are also advised of a Water Source Change.
  3. Stage 2 water restrictions are now in place for all GVW customers until further notice.

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