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Elections & Assent Voting


Elections for Electoral Area Directors to represent the electoral areas within the Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) occur every four (4) years.  The next General Local Election will be held in 2018.

The Regional District of North Okanagan is comprised of 5 Electoral Areas and 6 Municipal partners.  The 6 Municipal partners include the City of Armstrong, District of Coldstream, City of Enderby, Village of Lumby, Township of Spallumcheen, and the City of Vernon.  As part of the General Local Election system in British Columbia, Electoral Area Directors may be elected by acclamation (in the case of a single qualified candidate) or by voting (where there is more than one qualified candidate). Each Municipal Director on the Board of Directors is appointed by their respective Council from amongst their elected members.

Assent Voting

For certain matters (long term borrowing, establishment of new services), local governments are required to obtain elector approval (Assent Voting (Referendum)) before the bylaw(s) can be adopted and the project can proceed.  Assent Voting may be used either because this method of assent is required under the Local Government Act or because this method is preferred by the local government.

Alternative Approval Process

The Local Government Act and Community Charter give the Board of Directors an alternate option to seeking approval of the electors by Assent Voting (Referendum): the alternative approval process (AAP).  The AAP process is a less costly and less time consuming way of asking the electorate’s permission to proceed with the adoption of, for example, a borrowing bylaw. If at least 10 per cent of the estimated number of electors oppose the bylaw, agreement or other matter in question, it must be taken to a formal Assent Vote (Referendum) before it can be adopted. For more information on the AAP process please see:  Alternate Approval Process

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