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Greater Vernon Cultural Centre

RDNO Hiking & Biking Trails

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The Regional District of North Okanagan works together with its municipal partners to provide parks, recreation and culture services in a number of areas within the North Okanagan.

Greater Vernon

Greater Vernon is made up of the City of Vernon, the District of Coldstream and RDNO Electoral Areas “B” (BX/Swan Lake) and “C” (BX/Silver Star).


For the benefit of all Greater Vernon residents and visitors, the Regional District of North Okanagan provides the following cultural services:

  • long-range planning;
  • cultural sector capacity building;
  • cultural project grants; and the
  • provision of facilities and operating grants for the purposes of cultural programming.

Trails, Natural Spaces 

For information on Boat Launch Parking Passes, please contact the appropriate Municipality:

  • Paddlewheel Park - City of Vernon - 250-545-6035
  • Kal Beach - District of Coldstream - 250-550-1505

White Valley Parks, Recreation and Culture

The White Valley area includes the Village of Lumby and RDNO Electoral Areas “D” (rural Lumby), and “E” (Cherryville).

Area 'F'

RDNO Electoral Area “F” (rural Enderby).


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