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Parks, Trails & Natural Spaces

Okanagan Rail Trail

Check out our interactive map of the Okanagan Rail Trail!

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Looking for boat launch parking permits?

As the RDNO is no longer responsible for the distribution of boat launch parking permits, please contact the appropriate municipality for any purchasing inquiries:

  • Paddlewheel Park - City of Vernon
  • Kal Beach - District of Coldstream

Community Gardens

The RDNO supports three community gardens in Greater Vernon through a partnership with the Food Action Society.

Visit their website ( for more information or email the Food Action Society to register for a garden at [email protected] 


With over 80 parks and trails spread throughout the two municipalities and two electoral areas that make up Greater Vernon, there is a plethora of green space waiting to be explored!

The RDNO is responsible for maintaining the below areas in Greater Vernon, and Electoral Areas B and C: 

Greater Vernon - Natural Spaces

Swan Lake Nature Reserve & Park
Features: Walking, Bird Watching, Interpretive Signage
(No dogs permitted)

Ranchlands Park - Buchanan Road
Features: Natural Park and Open Space

Electoral Areas B & C - Parks and Natural Spaces

Black Rock Park - 715 35th Avenue
Features: Natural Park and Open Space


Gibbs Road Tot Lot Park - Gibbs Road
Features: Playground

BX Community Park - 5734 Silver Star Road
Features: Basketball, Playground, Soccer
  Keddleston Park - 7825 Silver Star Road
Features: Natural Park and Open Space
BX Ranch Park - 845 BX Road
Features: Walking/Hiking, Dog Park (dogs permitted off leash)


Mutrie Park - 4011 Mutrie Road
Features: Walking, Dog Park (dogs permitted off leash)
Cools Pond Park - 6440 L&A Road
Features: Walking, Rural Wetland, Viewing Platform
  N'Kwala Park - 5440 Macdonald Road
Features: Basketball, Playground, Soccer

All other local parks in Greater Vernon are maintained and managed by the corresponding Municipality.

Greater Vernon - Trails

The RDNO, through Greater Vernon Parks, Recreation and Culture manages and maintains Sub-Regional Trails, which include:

Grey Canal Trail




British Columbia’s longest irrigation channel, the Grey Canal once sustained orchards and small agricultural plots throughout the valley.  The Grey Canal trail follows the canal alignment, and at certain sections the original pipelines can still be seen. Its vision is a seamless trail system, following the old canal alignment, around the entire valley.

BX Creek Trail




Explore the cool trail that follows BX Creek.  The BX Falls section has several bridge crossings and steep stairs, but is suitable for families and a great trail running path.  The return trail takes about 1 hour to walk.

A shorter option is the BX Creek delta section.  This section of the trail provides boardwalks through sensitive wetland ecosystems.  Watch for butterflies crossing!


The Vernon Creek trail system is a combination of paved and natural trails that will eventually take you from downtown Vernon to Kin Beach on Okanagan Lake.

Trail Safety

  • Hike with a partner. The companionship on a hike is fun and you can encourage one another to meet your fitness goals.
  • Take plenty of drinking water. Leave stream, river and lake water for the park wildlife. Although it looks clean and refreshing, mountain stream water can make you ill.
  • Be accountable. Let someone back at camp or at home know where you are going and when you plan on returning, and call them when you arrive back safely. Consider taking a mobile phone for emergencies.
  • Don’t walk off-trail. Cutting across switchbacks erodes the hillside and eventually destroys the trail. Plus, walking off-trail increases your chance of suffering an injury or getting lost.
  • Keep your distance. Wildlife lives in all of our parkland, even near urban areas. Whenever you encounter wildlife on the trail, keep your distance and back away slowly. Poison Ivy is a common plant throughout the North Okanagan. Learn to identify its shiny, three-leaf pattern and avoid touching it.

Cycling Routes - PDF Files

For more information about Parks and Trails in Greater Vernon, please visit the Greater Vernon Parks and Recreation website at


For more information about RDNO maintained areas please email us at [email protected], or visit our Contact Us page for all other inquiries.