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Property Taxes

The cost of Regional District services may be shared between several municipalities and electoral areas according to an agreed upon formula contained in the service establishment bylaw.  Following the adoption of the annual financial plan each municipality is provided with a requisition invoice which includes that municipality’s share of all the Regional District services for their area. 

If your property is not located in a city, town, district or village, it is in a rural area.  The service participation costs for electoral areas are sent to the Province of BC who collect our Regional District taxes along with provincial rural area and school taxes.  For more information regarding your property taxes go to the Ministry of Provincial Revenue-Taxation Branch at

There are five levies that appear on the Province of BC tax notice which go to the Province of BC.  There may be additional levies by a regional district or improvement district for specific communities.

Province of BC Tax Notice Heading Destination of taxes raised Purpose

School Tax 
Province of BC General Revenue Fund Supplement School Funding
Rural Area Tax Act Province of BC General Revenue Fund Rural area services such as rural secondary roads
Assessment Authority British Columbia Assessment Authority Funding the BC Assessment Authority
Municipal Finance Municipal Finance Authority of BC Operating levy for the Municipal Finance Authority
Police Tax Province of BC General Revenue Fund Operating levy for the RCMP.  The police tax is the same within each regional district electoral area.

Rural Property owners in the Regional District of North Okanagan are divided up into Areas, B, C, D, E and F on the tax notice sent from the Province of BC. 

Regional District Taxes are listed under “Local Services” or “Parcel Taxes”.  Taxes listed under “Local Services” are levied either on land and improvements, land only or improvements only.    Taxes shown under “Parcel Taxes” are tax amounts that spreads the cost of a service equally between taxpayers in a service area regardless of the assessed value.

In addition to the Regional District of North Okanagan Taxes, rural property owners pay a local service tax to the Columbia Shuswap Hospital District for the building of new hospitals, improvements, major renovations and machinery and equipment purchases.  The cost is shared on a 60% Provincial and 40% Regional District basis.

Information about what services your Area or jurisdiction pays for can be found here: Service by Jurisdiction

The RDNO cannot issue property tax notices nor can they accept payment for property taxes.  Information on how to pay your taxes or claim your homeowner grant can be found on the provincial website here: How to Pay Your Rural Taxes