RDNO Statement on two Proposed Cutblocks in Duteau Creek Watershed

Media Release

The RDNO has received multiple emails from people that are concerned about proposed logging activity by Tolko in the Duteau Creek Watershed and we would like to clarify some points.

The cutblocks in question are not the same as the one we opposed last year, which was known as LV1243. The cutblocks that we are currently in conversation with Tolko about are across the valley from LV1243, and are known as LV1244 and LL1164.

The RDNO has informed Tolko that these two cutblocks are located within the high vulnerability zone of our water quality mapping.

Tolko has indicated that they are only at a preliminary, information-gathering stage and that they will keep this in consideration as they complete the fieldwork required to produce in-depth assessments.

The RDNO is hopeful that as Tolko progresses towards deciding how to proceed, they will continue to seek our input and act on any concerns we may present.

We thank the public for recognizing the importance of protecting Greater Vernon’s water supply.