Building a Thriving Community through Attainable Housing

What makes the North Okanagan feel like home? Whether it’s knowing that you have access to healthcare or a vibrant small business community, housing plays a critical role in shaping the fabric of our community.



When we have more housing options, we can welcome people who are essential to our workforce—contributing to everyday healthy living and the services we all enjoy.

More kinds of attainable housing

To accommodate residents at all stages of life, a healthy community needs a balance of townhomes, condos and single-family homes. Currently, single-detached homes make up more than 60% of houses in the North Okanagan.

Improving the rental market

Part of creating a healthy community is ensuring everyone has a place to live, whether they’re buying or renting. Right now, the North Okanagan’s rental vacancy rates are well below a healthy target of 3%.


The housing crisis affects us all

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