Emergency Management

RDNO's Emergency Notification System

The RDNO uses Alertable to share emergency-related information. You can customize how and where you receive alerts and update your preferences at any time.

Interactive Map of RDNO Evacuations

A snapshot of the RDNO's evacuation map

View any current Evacuation Orders and Alerts for RDNO Electoral Areas.

BC Wildfire Service Website

For the most up-to-date information on wildfires in BC, visit the BC Wildfire Service's website.

About the RDNO's Emergency Management Program

Most emergencies in the North Okanagan are handled by first responders like police, the fire service, and paramedics. However, for larger emergencies such as floods, extreme weather, and wildfires,  the RDNO Emergency Management Program helps ensure residents in Electoral Areas B, C, D E and F are prepared, safe and informed.

RDNO's Emergency Management Plan coordinates the response to and recovery from a significant emergency event or disaster through an Emergency Operation Centre (EOC).   Personnel in the EOC are trained to investigate, plan and implement resources to help deal with the event and bring resources to those affected.

Four phases of Emergency Management


Measures taken to reduce the risk and impact of an emergency.


Plans to prepare for and cope with the impact of an emergency.


Actions taken in direct response to an emergency.


Return of evacuees, psychosocial support, financial assistance, and reconstruction. 

Preparedness Guide

Easy-to-follow steps to prepare your household for any emergency

Home Emergency Template

Direction on how your household will respond to an emergency

Pet Emergency Plan

If its not safe for you, its not safe for them.

One Step at a Time

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