Building the Accessibility Plan

Accessibility Plan Development

As part of the new Accessible British Columbia Act (“Act”) and associated regulation (BC Reg 105/2022), local governments (and other public sector organizations), by September 1, 2023, must establish an accessibility committee, develop an accessibility plan, and create a mechanism for public feedback regarding accessibility.

Terms of Reference for an Inter-municipal Accessibility Advisory Committee ("Committee") were adopted by the RDNO Board of Directors on June 21, 2023. The purpose of the Committee is to help guide the RDNO and member municipalities in the creation of an Accessibility Plan. 

The purpose of the Inter-municipal Accessibility Plan is to identify, remove and prevent barriers to individuals in or interacting with the RDNO and member municipalities. Barriers may be present in the built environment, information and communications, or the delivery of programs or services that are within the RDNO and member municipalities' jurisdiction.

Accessibility Plan Timeline

Feedback on Accessibility

The RDNO and member municipalities are committed to reviewing the accessibility of their physical and digital spaces, identifying barriers that may exist, and making improvements as required and allowed. To provide comments or suggestions, please contact Your feedback is important to us!