Regional Agri-Hub


In 2022 the Township of Spallumcheen completed the Agri-Hub Feasibility Study.  This study focused on Agri-Industry and the potential for an Agri-Hub to process locally produced food.  One of the key findings was that many regional agricultural industries are constrained by a lack of adequate processing facilities (e.g. dairy, abattoirs, produce), product development, supply aggregation, cold storage, and warehousing. 

What is an Agri-Hub?

An Agri-Hub project can connect private players in food production technology, post-secondary, innovation and research institutions, local and First Nations governments, farmers and other stakeholders in the agricultural food chain to understand the food production capabilities and processing required within a region.  While the commodities and priorities shift from hub to hub, all initiatives recognize that local small-scale food processors need assistance to facilitate discussions, identify key stakeholders and establish the regulatory pathway to start and scale up their potential businesses. 

Why is an Agri-Hub Needed? 

Food security has become a paramount issue in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change impacts (i.e., lack of Highway connection to the Lower Mainland due to flooding).  The idea of locating an Agri-Hub within the North Okanagan is to provide opportunities for existing food producers to move towards value-added innovation and equipment to process and make more food within the region.  This would result in a more sustainable and resilient regional food system.

Project Goals

In BC, there are 12 “food hubs” that are operating or under development, focusing on regional processing and innovation.  The North Okanagan Agri-Hub could include food processing plants (milk, cheese, jams, juices, flour, grains), slaughterhouses/abattoirs, fruit and vegetable packing houses and cold storage facilities.

The Agri-Hub business model requires collaboration, shared resources, and business and political leadership.  A business model which meets local farm and processor innovation needs must also be sustainable and market-focussed.  Depending on the established processing facilities, the Regional Agri-Hub Complex could extend to servicing farmers from other Regional Districts. 

Scope of Work and Project Schedule

The study area is approximately 42 ha and located at 4305 L & A Cross Road in the Township of Spallumcheen.  The lands are in the BC Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) and require Agricultural Land Commission approval to be used for non-agricultural purposes.  It is anticipated the Regional Agri-hub Planning Process will take approximately 6-8 months to complete.

Regional Agri-Hub Working Group


Working Group Meeting #1 - June 8, 2023

June 8, 2023 - Agenda June 8, 2023 - Minutes

Working Group Meeting #2 - July 4, 2023

July 4, 2023 - Agenda  July 4, 2023 - Minutes