ReTHINKING Waste prioritizes waste reduction actions according to what has the lowest impact on our environment and conserves resources for future generations. ReTHINKING Waste involves being a proactive consumer to reduce and reuse in addition to recycling and composting.

Did you know that 90,000 North Okanagan Residents taking just one sustainable action per day adds up to over 32 Million sustainable actions in just one year! Our small steps every day can really add up to make a difference!

By Reducing and Reusing to avoid unwanted items, we conserve natural resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent waste before it happens. ReTHINKING Waste can also help us get the most out of what we already have while saving money, clutter and time.

Next, by being responsible stewards for what we use and buy and being conscious of what goes where, we can keep many items out of our landfills. Recycling & Composting are two ways we can do this. Find more information on our What Goes Where page on how to keep unwanted items out of our landfills and where to put them.

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