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North Okanagan Housing Design Competition

The design competition is now CLOSED.


We thank everyone for their submissions, we have received over 50 unique designs.  The review process may take longer than anticipated, staff will reach out if additional information is required.

Housing affordability and supply are two of the most significant challenges for our region. In an effort to combat those challenges and make attaining housing easier for current and future residents, communities within the Regional District of North Okanagan have joined together to launch a housing design competition! 

The objective of the competition is to reduce barriers for homeowners to add a secondary dwelling on their property by generating pre-approved building plans available for purchase. The pre-approvals and low cost for plans will make the building permit process faster, easier and more affordable. An increase in secondary dwellings on properties in the North Okanagan is an effective strategy to add housing units to our growing region. 

Architects, designers, students and people skilled in design are invited to participate by submitting secondary dwelling designs. Applicants can win up to $5,000, and all winners will receive an additional $1000 royalty each time their plan is purchased. Designs must meet the parameters in the Terms of Reference and regulations set by the BC Building Code. We are pleased to confirm that AIBC registrants are welcome to enter this competition.

Contest Entrance, Release & Assignment Form



February 8, 2023  | Competition launch
March 20, 2023  | Deadline for submissions
March 20 to April 14, 2023 | Review panel conducts blind review and selects winners
April 17 to April 28, 2023 | Winners announced and the "People’s Choice" vote held
May 15, 2023 | Plans made available for purchase to the public


One-Story Category

Two-Story Category

$5,000 - First Place$5,000 - First Place
$3,000 - Second Place$3,000 - Second Place
$2,000 - Third Place$2,000 - Third Place
$2,000 - Fourth Place$2,000 - Fourth Place

In addition to the cash prizes, there are three non-monetary prizes:

  • People's Choice: after the above prizes have been announced, North Okanagan residents will have two weeks to vote.
  • Affordable Choice:  the design review panel will award this designation to the design that it feels will be the most economical to build.
  • Eco-Choice:  the design review panel will award this designation to the design that it feels achieves the highest ecological standards.

How to submit your design

Submit by email to the competition organizer, Laura Frank Please include the Contest  Entrance, Release & Assignment Form.  The deadline is March 20, 2023, at 11:59 PST

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions asked by participants will be added here on an ongoing basis. Submit your questions to