Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture are creative interactions between the community's values, atmosphere, education, and the cultural assets of its places and people who live here. It enriches day-to-day life, providing enjoyment and appreciation of creative endeavors through storytelling and history. Through the contribution of artists, artisans, and creators, the RDNO has recognized Arts & Culture as an important part of the community. 

The RDNO supports cultural organizations and the services provided by these organizations through operating grants, as well as grants-in-aid. We offer a projects grant program, providing funding to non-profit organizations for a variety of types of projects including festivals, events, and capital improvements. 

Greater Vernon Cultural Services

Cultural facilities owned by the RDNO within the Greater Vernon area include the Vernon Public Art Gallery, the Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre, the Greater Vernon Museum and Archives, and the Vernon Community Arts Centre.

Greater Vernon Cultural Centre

With borrowing of up to $25 million dollars approved through referendum in October, 2018, the Regional District is also working on securing the additionally required funding to construct a new, multi-purpose cultural centre that will become a new home for the public art gallery, museum & archives. Find out more about the Greater Vernon Cultural Centre here!

View the Greater Vernon Cultural Plan

White Valley Cultural Services

Cultural facilities owned by the RDNO within the White Valley area include the Lumby & District Museum

View the White Valley Parks, Recreation & Culture Plan

For information on arts & culture programs found in other jurisdictions, please contact: 

Address: 3009 32 Ave, Vernon, BC V1T 2L8
Address: 1785 Glencaird Street, Lumby, BC V0E 2G0
Address: 3800 33 Street, Vernon, BC V1T 5T6
Address: 2704A HWY 6, Vernon, BC V1T 5G5
Address: 3228 31 Street, Vernon, BC V1T 2H3