Historic Grey Canal - Grey Canal Trail

Greater Vernon - Trails Capital of BC

Recognizing over 20 years of community effort, the Ribbons of Green Trails Society initiated a project to recognize Greater Vernon as the Trails Capital of BC.

Anchored by multi-use pathways that connect Okanagan, Kalamalka, and Swan Lakes, Greater Vernon is surrounded on the north and west sides by the historic Grey Canal Trail,  the Okanagan Rail Trail extending south, and the High Rim Trail reaching to the east and south. Residents and visitors enjoy a plethora of major recreational and active transportation routes within the Greater Vernon Area.

The trail network  is truly multi-seasonal. Between Sovereign Lake, Silver Star, and Predator Ridge, the area also boasts many options for alpine skiing, cross-country, and snowshoeing. Some multi-use paths are cleared in winter, and many trails can be used in winter conditions with appropriate footwear.

The Official Mark of Greater Vernon – Trails Capital of BC is an excellent way to recognize the contribution of many individuals, community groups, businesses, and local governments. At the same time, it will increase awareness on the part of locals and visitors of the tremendous, sustainable trail network within and around the Greater Vernon area.

The Regional District of North Okanagan has partnered with Ribbons of Green to pursue the Official Mark under the Canadian Trademarks Act.