South Vernon Irrigation District

The South Vernon Irrigation District (SVID) is a small irrigation (non-potable) utility owned and managed by the Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) and services 26 properties on Okanagan Avenue with water from a well. The City of Vernon administers the billing for the utility. 

The system gets turned on and off during the Okanagan growing season. Irrigation turn-on begins approximately May 1 and turn-off begins approximately September 19 annually. Customers get notified annually by letter advising the projected turn-on and turn-off dates. GVW will consider turning on the service one week earlier or turning off one week later, weather permitting.

Non-potable water is untreated water. Any non-potable water taps should be labelled with "Do Not Drink" signs to protect anyone on the property. The RDNO offers Do Not Drink decals for sale, or use the link below to print your own. 

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Water Conservation

Water Conservation

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