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Water & Sewer Utility Billing

The RDNO bills and collects for 7 utilities within the Regional District - Greater Vernon Water (outside of the City of Vernon and District of Coldstream boundaries), Grindrod Water System, Gunter-Ellison Water System, Mabel Lake Water System, Mabel Lake Sewer System, Silver Star Water System and Whitevale Water System. If you live in the District of Coldstream or the City of Vernon, your utility bill must be paid through your municipality.

Rates for all water and sewer utilities owned and operated by the RDNO are based upon the operational costs of the utilities and are set by the Board of Directors.  All utilities are self-financed and self-funded; there is no property tax subsidy.  

It is the policy of the RDNO that the utility bill will be sent to the registered owner of the property. The RDNO does not invoice tenants.

It is your responsibility as the property owner to ensure that utility account deadlines are met in order to pay by the due date and avoid interest or obtain discounts.  If you have not received your utility bill, please contact the RDNO to obtain a copy.

Pursuant to the Local Government Act, any outstanding utility bill as of December 31st is transferred to the Province of BC Surveyor of Taxes and is added as arrears property taxes.

Water & Sewer Systems - Utility Billing