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DocuPet Dog License Information

Dog Licensing Information

The Regional District provides Dog Control services and the DocuPet Dog Licensing Program for the Greater Vernon/White Valley service area, which includes the City of VernonDistrict of ColdstreamVillage of Lumby, Electoral Areas “B” and “C” and part of Electoral Area “D”. The RDNO  Dog Control Bylaw No. 2881 outlines responsible dog ownership for the health and safety of the residents within the region. 

All dogs three (3) months or older living in North Okanagan must have a license and wear a valid license tag. Dog control staff use the dog license tag to quickly and easily reunite you with your dog, in many cases saving you (and your pet) a trip to the pound. 

  • All dogs over three months old must have a license and wear a tag.
  • Licenses are good for a calendar year and expire on the date of purchase.
  • A $15 late fee would apply if renewal is after the license expiry date. 
  • Maximum of three dogs allowed per single-family dwelling.
  • You must provide a Guide Dog and Service Dog Certificate for that category. Please contact us by phone or email to register or renew.
  • License fees are non-refundable, the fees are outlined below.
  • If you rehome your dog, the existing license can be transferred to the new owner
  • Failure to license a dog, could result in a fine of $300 for Keeping an Unlicensed Dog.

Fee Categories

Annual Dog License Fee                 $25
Late Fee                                             $15
Replacement Tag                             $5
Registered Service Dog                   $0 
(must show a valid guide dog and service dog certificate – contact us for more information)


Frequently Asked Questions

250-541-3647 (DOGS)