How We Benefit from More Housing

We're all impacted by the housing crisis

What happens if your child’s daycare is closed because workers couldn’t afford housing? What if the pharmacy can’t attract more technicians to dispense your medication because potential newcomers couldn’t find a place to live? Building a community where everyone thrives is only possible with attainable housing.

How housing affects healthcare

With an aging population in the rural North Okanagan and not enough young people entering the workforce, the North Okanagan relies on new residents to sustain its workforce. Community Futures’ Rural BC Economic Bulletin found a decrease of 8% in health care across rural BC, with a lack of attainable housing acting as one of the barriers. As age-related healthcare needs become more significant after age 75, the North Okanagan needs more housing to stimulate growth in the healthcare sector.

Fewer services for all North Okanagan residents

With high benchmark prices and a lack of housing diversity, professionals can’t secure housing and can’t take jobs in the North Okanagan, and local businesses struggle to retain employees due to the rising cost of living. Even average and high-income earning families with two working parents are getting pushed out of the market.

When the local housing market thrives, we all thrive

By providing more housing options for everyone, you can be supported by a vibrant community of small businesses, professionals, and the services you need.

Better access to community health services

More housing makes it easier for healthcare providers to attract great new talent to our valley. That means more pharmacy technicians to fill your prescriptions, lab techs to take your blood tests and nurses to provide critical hospital care when you need it the most.

More support for small businesses

Entrepreneurs will view the North Okanagan as a potential home for their new businesses, and local business owners will be able to better retain their current staff thanks to the improved housing supply. Plus, everyone benefits when the region welcomes more trades professionals to keep houses new and old running, more delicious restaurants, and improved access to daycare services.

A bright economic future

As the region welcomes families and professionals from all industries, the increase in business and community investment promotes long-term economic stability for the North Okanagan.

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