Mabel Lake Water Utility

Update - September 12, 2023: The construction work impacting Walker Road area is now complete and the system has been returned to normal operations.

You may experience some cloudiness and/or air in the water. Please run a cold water tap closest to where the water enters your residence at low volume until the water has cleared.

Original Notice: Customers of the Mabel Lake Water Utility (MLW) on a portion of Walker Road are advised that the water supply may be turned off on Monday, September 11, 2023 during planned construction work. For more information, click here.

The Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) manages the Mabel Lake Water (MLW) system located in Electoral Area “F”. The MLW system serves customers in the Kingfisher area, east of Enderby.

Water and Sewer Capacity Concerns

The community serviced by the Mabel Lake Water and Sewer utilities has undergone significant development in the last few years, putting additional strain on supply, capacity and distribution. As a result, the RDNO is completing a capacity study with funding assistance from the Provincial Rural Economic Diversification and Infrastructure Program – Economic Diversification Fund to review both the water and sewer utilities.

The capacity study is now underway and will review water use and sewer effluent patterns, current infrastructure, assess the remaining capacity of each utility and upgrade requirements for the future. The final report will also provide recommendations and costs on infrastructure improvements, identify ways to control peak flows like water metering, establish triggers for upgrades, and provide an estimate of future treatment requirements to meet provincial standards.

While the study seeks to create a plan for the long term, short-term capacity issues still remain, so the RDNO has updated the Small Utilities Rates and Regulations Bylaw No. 2867 to make changes for connecting to the utilities. Properties that are currently paying the Infrastructure Base Fee can apply to connect one single-family unit per lot to the system for a fee of $6,280.

Any other types of developments that want to connect before the study is complete are subject to additional infrastructure requirements. This could include applications for buildings like duplexes, secondary homes on one lot, single-family houses that do not already pay the Infrastructure Base Fee or any commercial use. Once the RDNO has completed the capacity study, we will update our utility capital and infrastructure plans, budgets and Bylaw No. 2867 appropriately to address these types of developments.­­ For additional information, contact


Mabel Lake Water Utility