Okanagan Rail Trail – KM0 Gateway Plaza Update

Shade Sails at the Okanagan Rail Trail Installed
Media Release

The Okanagan Rail Trail KM0 Gateway Project continues with more additions coming this week. 

KM0 is the northernmost access point to the trail that will feature a nature-focused design with Indigenous inspiration in collaboration with the Okanagan Indian Band (OKIB) and Friends of the Okanagan Rail Trail (FORT). Phase 1 of the project saw the restoration of the adjacent land restored to its natural beauty using native plants and grasses. Phase 2 of the project includes the installation of shade structures, seating areas, interpretive elements, and trail information. Phase 3 will see the development of a hilltop viewpoint. This space is intended to be an enriched transition space, a meeting point, and a gathering area for trail users who are beginning or ending the journey. The trailhead is called Little Head of the Lake (K’ək’maplqs), which is the Syilx common name.

Work required to complete the installation of a decorative concrete feature will result in a full closure of the KM0 Gateway to the access ramp near West Kal Road (see map). Work will begin at 7 a.m. on Thursday, June 30 and is expected to be completed by 5 p.m. the same day. No thru traffic will be permitted due to heavy equipment operation and concrete trucks requiring regular access and movement. The trail will remain open for the duration of the project outside of these dates.

We encourage users to access the trail via the West Kal parking access during this time. Signage will be posted to notify users of the upcoming closure. The remainder of the RDNO’s section of the Okanagan Rail Trail will be open during this time, and KM0 will reopen just in time for the long weekend.