Propane Tank Adapter Hose Rebate

The RDNO encourages residents to consider alternatives to 1 lb single-use propane cylinders to reduce costs, conserve resources and avoid household hazardous waste. A propane tank adapter hose makes it possible to connect refillable propane tanks (including 5, 10, or 20 lb tanks) to most tabletop gas stoves, grills, and other portable propane appliances. 5 lb refillable propane tanks are portable and convenient for picnics and camping.


$ave money! Investing in a 5 lb refillable propane tank and adapter hose makes financial and environmental sense. With the Propane Tank Adapter Hose Rebate, you can start saving money after just two refills even if you need to purchase a 5lb propane tank. If you have a refillable tank already, you will start saving money right away. There can be significant cost savings over the 10-year life of the refillable propane tank. 


Reduce & Reuse!  Refillable propane tanks can be refilled and used for up to 10 years before they need to be requalified. This conserves substantial resources compared to the production, distribution and management of potentially hundreds of 1 lb single-use propane cylinders.

Avoid Creating Household Hazardous Waste! Small amounts of propane remains in 1 lb single-use cylinders after use, making them an explosion and fire hazard if not properly disposed.  Spent cylinders must be properly disposed; they DO NOT belong in curbside recycling bins or in the garbage. Never try to refill a single-use propane cylinder, the practice is prohibited by British Columbia laws because it can result in serious fires, explosions and burn hazards.

Properly Managing 1 lb Single-Use Propane Cylinders is EXPENSIVE! RDNO Diversion & Disposal Facilities (with the exception of the Silver Star Transfer Station) receive thousands of 1 lb single-use propane cylinders each year.  Propane tanks and cylinders up to 100 lb in size are accepted free of charge from residents in order to encourage proper disposal. Spent 1 lb propane cylinders are purged, flattened and recycled at a cost of more than $1 per cylinder.  The RDNO spent more than $11,000 in 2020 managing 1 lb single-use propane cylinders!

The cost of SINGLE-USE containers can really ADD UP!

Apply for the Propane Tank Adapter Hose Rebate!