Lowered water level in Reservoir
Water Restrictions - a tool for drought and for reminding us that most plants don't need to be watered as often as we think.

Water Restrictions

Specific restrictions are in place for various customer types, including agricultural water users.  These details are found at the end of the bylaw - click this link to learn more: Greater Vernon Water Use and Regulation Bylaw No. 2545, 2014.

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Did you know?

Day watering

  • watering during the day is a huge waste of water as most is lost to evaporation - not reaching your plants.
  • running a sprinkler for a maximum of 20 minutes in any one spot is a good rule of thumb to give water time to absorb into the soil.


  • most lawns only need to be watered once or twice a week.
  • ​​​​​​​dormancy is a normal part of the grass growth cycle in hot weather. The heat may cause lawns to brown but they will bounce back to their vibrant green in cooler weather.


  • reservoir levels are one factor in determining a restriction stage (drought), along with weather forecasts and customer demand levels.
  • ​​​​​​​Water use restrictions help minimize water demand spikes – helping to protect our infrastructure from wear and avoiding the cost of building bigger pipes/reservoirs – which is why they are in place year-round. If we enter a drought, more restrictions may be implemented.
  • Following the restrictions schedule will help you water efficiently and avoid water waste. Your plants will also become better adapted to our normally dry climate.

Drought Stakeholder Working Group

  • the RDNO formed the Drought Stakeholder Working Group who put in many hours and provided valuable input on the impact of drought in our community. Group members represented a range of community volunteers including businesses in the hospitality, manufacturing, and landscaping sectors, agricultural producers, government agencies, and resident representatives.  Their input shaped our restrictions policies.

Visit the Water Conservation page for more tips on waterwise gardening and indoor water efficiency. Customers should note that a higher level of restrictions may be instituted due to drought or emergency. Details relating specifically to Greater Vernon Water's demand management programs can be found below: