Disposal Fees are Increasing at RDNO Diversion & Disposal Facilities and Transfer Stations on January 1

Media Release

Effective January 1, 2022, Disposal Fees are increasing at RDNO Diversion & Disposal Facilities (DDFs) and Transfer Stations. The minimum charge for garbage will change from $6 to $8, and the per tonne disposal fees for some other products will also increase on January 1. A list of disposal fees can be found at rdno.ca/ddf-fees.

Disposal fees are increasing for several reasons. Firstly, DDFs are funded primarily through disposal fees with a relatively small tax requisition. Fees cover operating costs as well as capital and long-term closure costs. The region-wide Solid Waste Management service must be financially sustainable on a long-term basis so that operating, capital and closure reserves are adequately funded. Also, the RDNO Solid Waste Management Plan supports an increase in curbside collection and strategies to reduce waste which can be encouraged by higher disposal fees. Optimizing trips and reducing traffic to solid waste management facilities also supports greenhouse gas reduction efforts in our region.

The RDNO encourages residents to save on disposal fees by reducing the frequency of their trips to DDFs by consolidating smaller loads into larger loads. For instance, don’t make a weekly trip to the DDF with two (2) bags; visit once every two weeks with four (4) bags which the minimum fee should still cover and you will save money and fuel.

There are several ways you can reduce trips to RDNO DDFs and reduce the amount of garbage you generate:

  1. Consider various composting options to remove food waste (a major source of odours) from your garbage at rdno.ca/composting. Properly managed compost will not have offensive odours and will likely not attract animals.
  2. Take steps to ReTHINK Waste and find recycling depots with RDNO What Goes Where Guides at rdno.ca.
  3. Recycle most packaging and paper products for free with Recycle BC. Check out their guide at: recyclebc.ca/north-okanagan.   
  4. If you do not receive municipal curbside garbage collection, consider subscribing for a curbside collection service with a local service provider which can save you time and money.

Residents can receive instant updates on all Solid Waste Management topics by subscribing to the RDNO email list at www.rdno.ca/subscribe. For more information on RDNO DDF Fees and tips to ReTHINK and reduce waste, please visit www.rdno.ca/ddf.