Bill 44 - Changes in the RDNO Electoral Areas

In April 2023, the Province released its Homes For People Action Plan. The plan focuses on four priorities: unlocking more homes faster, delivering better and more affordable homes, helping those with the greatest housing need, and creating a housing market for people, not speculators.

The Province has introduced new housing legislation, Bill 44: Housing Statutes Amendment Act, which is anticipated to deliver more small-scale, multi-unit housing for people, including town homes, triplexes and laneway homes, and fix what they deem as outdated zoning rules to help build more homes faster.

What does this mean for the Electoral Areas within the RDNO?

By June 30, 2024 the following will apply:                                                   

If not connected to both Community Sewer and Water (RDNO/publically owned systems):

  • Secondary suites will be permitted in all Electoral Areas within the RDNO

    • A detached accessory dwelling unit (ADU) will only be permitted on lots which are 1 ha or greater to comply with the 1 ha Okanagan Basin Water Board & Provincial policy for lots serviced by septic systems.                                           

If connected to both Community Sewer and Water (RDNO/publically owned systems):

  • 3 units will be permitted on each parcel of land 280m2 or less
  • 4 units will be permitted on each parcel of land greater than 280m 

*Building Permits are required for all dwelling units which includes adding a suite within an existing dwelling.

*Development Cost Charges will apply to additional dwelling units in accordance with the applicable RDNO Development Cost Charge Bylaws.

*As the sewer utility at Silver Star is privately owned, the 3 and 4 unit densification provisions of Bill 44 do not apply.

*As the water and sewer utilities at Kingfisher are owned by the RDNO the 3 and 4 unit densification provisions of Bill 44 do apply in the areas where both municipal water and sewer are available. These utilities are currently completing studies to review capacity; early indications are they are nearing capacity of what the current infrastructure can support. Upgrading infrastructure to meet Bill 44 will require significant infrastructure investments. Inquiries for any additional connections to the systems should be discussed with RDNO Utilities Department.    

* There are no areas within the Electoral Areas of the RDNO that trigger the Transit Oriented Densification provisions of 6 units.

*The RDNO Zoning Bylaw will be amended to ensure compliance with Bill 44 by the June 30, 2024 deadline.

Please reach out to the Planning Department to discuss a specific property or proposal at