Groundwater in the Keddleston Area

Protecting and maintaining adequate drinking water is important to everyone.  Many properties within Electoral Area C obtain water through private wells connected to aquifers.  Due to ongoing public concerns regarding groundwater supply, the Board supported studying the current and future groundwater capacity in the Keddleston Area of Electoral Area C. 

The RDNO retained Golder Associates Ltd. to undertake a study on the aquifers within the Keddleston area. Phase 1 of the study was published in the 2020 report  (Keddleston Groundwater Study by Golder Associates Ltd). Based on the preliminary findings, it was determined that additional information was required.  

The second phase of the study concluded in June of 2022 (Keddleston Groundwater Study – Phase 2 by Golder Associates Ltd.).  Based on these results, the Board of Directors gave First Reading to Subdivision Servicing Amendment Bylaw No. 2930, 2022 that will raise the standard for proof-of-water requirements for subdivisions in this area to align to Provincial guidelines. 

What changes are proposed in response to the findings of the Study?

The proposed changes to the Subdivision Servicing Bylaw apply only to Electoral Area C and, as recommended by the Study, including the following:

  • At least one year of continuous groundwater level monitoring be conducted, and the results analyzed and interpreted by a Qualified Professional;
  • Well pumping tests must be supervised by a Qualified Professional;
  • 48-72 hour pumping tests at the current bylaw rate of 6,550 litres of water per day (1.0 Imperial Gallon per Minute) per parcel, depending on the aquifer type; 
  • Water level recovery must be monitored for the same period of time as the pumping test (48-72 hours) and achieve 90 to 95% recovery;
  • At least one observation well must be monitored in the same aquifer and within the same fracture network during the pumping test and recovery period;
  • Pumping tests are to be conducted in the dry months of the year (August 1 –March 1) or as identified by the one year monitoring period;
  • Where an application to the RDNO includes more than one proposed lot, the pumping test must be conducted simultaneously at all wells proposed to service each lot;
  • A Qualified Professional must submit a signed and stamped hydrogeological report and Schedule A: Qualified Professional - Proof of Water form confirming all requirements of the Bylaw have been met.

Current Status & how to Submit Feedback

A bylaw must receive three readings before it can proceed to final adoption. On July 21, 2022, the Board of Directors gave First Reading to Subdivision Servicing Amendment Bylaw No. 2930, 2022, and is now seeking comments from the public before considering further readings. 

Please use the form below to submit your comments to the RDNO before 4:00 pm on October 16, 2022.

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