Subdivision Servicing Bylaw

A subdivision involves the following; consolidating two or more properties into one lot; adjusting or realigning an existing property line; creating several lots from one or more existing properties and or creating several strata lots from one or more existing properties.

Landowners and property developers within the Electoral Areas apply to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure for approval to subdivide land.  The subdivision application is then referred to the Regional District.  The RDNO will then prepare a letter listing the requirements of the RDNO in regards to the Subdivision Servicing BylawLocal Government ActLand Title Act and any others that may apply.  A Provincial approving officer, appointed by the B.C. government, approves subdivision plans in regional district electoral areas after all requirements are met.  

Subdivision Servicing Bylaw No. 2600, 2013

Strata Subdivision for Previously Occupied Buildings

Strata Subdivision applications for previously occupied buildings under Section 242 of the Strata Property Act are submitted directly to the Regional District.  Section 242 of the Strata Property Act states that strata conversions for previously occupied buildings within a Regional District require the approval of the Board of Directors. The Board may refuse to approve the plan or approve the strata plan, or approve the strata plan subject to terms and conditions. The Board must not approve the strata plan unless the building substantially complies with the applicable bylaws of the Regional District and the BC Building Code.  Once the Board’s conditions of the strata subdivision have been met the subdivision can be registered with the Land Titles Office.