North Okanagan Fire Training Centre Fees

2022 Rates

Exterior Operations FF (full course): $1,987 (Member) $2,583 (Non-Member)
Interior Operations FF (full course): $1,982 (Member) $2,577 (Non-Member)
Medical First Responder plus Licensing:  $500 (Member) $650 (Non-Member)
Facility Rental
Evening: $901 (Member) $1,171 (Non-Member)
Half Day: $1,189 (Member) $1,545 (Non-Member)
Full Day :$1,882 (Member) $2,447 (Non-Member)
Classroom Only
Evening: $130 (Member) $169 (Non-Member)
Half Day: $193 (Member) $251 (Non-Member)
Full Day: $317 (Member) $412 (Non-Member)
Grounds Rental (Rental of grounds without live fire burn building and gas props).  Includes Search and Rescue, Self-rescue, Confined Space, Extinguisher area, Scaffold tower, Hose, Nozzles, Engine and Ladder.  Consumables i.e. plywood, drywall, extinguishers, vehicles, SCBA are added costs upon request.
Evening: $347 (Member) $451 (Non-Member)
Half Day: $516 (Member) $671 (Non-Member)
Full Day: $766 (Member) $996 (Non-Member)
Other Items
Extinguishers (10 lb BC): market price.  Call for pricing
Foam pail: market price.  Call for pricing.  Please note only approved fire suppression foam can be used at this facility to conform to environmental constraints.

Facility rental could include (depending on your needs)

  • use of classroom, burn building, pumper, hydrants, hose, SCBA, gas props, and 

  • two (2) technicians.

Typically two(2) technicians are required for the operation of the facility training props.  If multiple simultaneous prop use is required, technician numbers and fee structure will be altered accordingly.

Note: Participants will be responsible for replacement costs of any unreturned, damaged or destroyed equipment due to improper usage.

Contact us for customized rental fees at ftc@rdno.ca