Greater Vernon Water Quality Program

RDNO Water Utilities are responsible for developing a water quality program which is reviewed by Interior Health. These water quality programs ensure that our potable water supply meets Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines and the BC Drinking Water Protection Act and Regulations.

Greater Vernon Water (GVW) follows our Water Quality Monitoring Plan as approved by Interior Health (IH), which is dedicated to achieving safe, clean, reliable drinking water as an essential component of a healthy community. Annual and monthly water quality reports are published to ensure transparency.

Monthly water quality reports summarize water quality monitoring parameters such as: chlorine, bacterial, turbidity and Ultra Violet Transmissivity. There are over 2,000 bacterial samples tested for the Greater Vernon Water (GVW) water system annually. Other tests include metals, nitrates and disinfection by products such as trihalomethanes. Water quality monitoring results are provided to IH by the 15 of each month and annually by June 30 of the following year.