Water - Grindrod

Small Utilities - supply, treatment, conveyance, storage and distribution of water for the Grindrod area. 

  • The Grindrod Water System (GRW) was built in 1998 and services the community of Grindrod within Electoral Area ""F"". 
  • The Manager, Small Utilities is responsible for the management of GRW and overseeing operations.  
  • A contract operator is employed to complete day to day operations and is required to respond 24/7 to emergencies, with a backup available to respond when necessary.  
  • GRW is supplied from an intake on the Shuswap River and the water is treated with a packaged water treatment plant providing coagulation and filtration. The water is chlorinated and then directed to a 240 m3 (63,400 USgal) reservoir under the pump house for storage before being pumped to the distribution system. The distribution system is pressurized with pumps.