Bill Payments & Fees

The RDNO manages several utilities and partners with other local governments to deliver utility services, so you may get a bill directly from the RDNO or you may see charges on your municipal utility bill that relate to RDNO services along with other services provided by your community. 

How to Pay Your Utility Bill

Greater Vernon Water customers living within the City of Vernon or District of Coldstream boundaries are billed via their municipality. Customers should contact the municipality that issued your bill if you have questions about specific charges on your bill and for payment options.

  • City of Vernon                           250-545-1361
  • District of Coldstream             250-545-5304
  • RDNO - Electoral Areas           250-550-3700

Water and sewer rates are set by the RDNO Board of Directors, which includes political representatives from the municipalities served. Rates are based on the actual cost to provide the service. 

Regional utilities legally cannot run a deficit and each year’s annual expenses, including operation and maintenance, debt payments, construction and reserve contributions, must be recovered directly from user fees during that year or be funded from reserves. RDNO utilities do not receive taxation funds and the only other source of income are grant funds that a utility seeks out to assist in reducing costs to customers. 

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Greater Vernon Water Frequently Asked Questions

GVW is the 3rd largest utility in B.C. by volume, due to it being a regional supplier to a large mixed urban/agricultural area. Click on question to expand and learn more about how the utility bills: