Water Emergencies, Leaks and Main Breaks

November 26, 2021

1:51pm - Please be advised that the repair has now been completed and the water is back on. Thank you for your patience during this time.

11:55am - Please be advised that we have a 2” galvanized service leak repair that requires a water main shut down. Affected properties are as follows:

  • Boss Creek
  • Bodwell Road
  • 480 McLeish Road
  • 443 to 491 Pottery Road
  • French Road
  • Grouse Road
  • Pheasant Road
  • Robin Road
  • Sparrow Road
  • Galiano Road

Please check back for updates. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Contact Numbers

Turning Your Water Service On and Off

You may need to shut off your property’s water supply to find the source of a water leak or to do construction or renovation work that affects plumbing systems.  There is often a valve near the water meter you can use to control water flow inside your property but if you need to turn off the supply before that point you will need to contact the applicable office above to have an Operator locate and turn off your service.  Only property owners can request a service call, unless it's an emergency.  When the Operator arrives, make sure that someone who can approve the service call fee is on site.